Building in interior --

This building locates in a metropolis of Taipei city centre, the theme of it is inspired by Fort San Domingo, the castle constructed by the Hollander when they colonized Taiwan. Therefore, I set up a castle on the inside of the building.
Since I particularly built a construction on the inside of the house when I framed it, I used some methods and designed the height of it. It was about 9 meters for the heights. I also estimated weights and vaulted structure, and used shaped steel coils for the inside and bricks for the outside. Moreover, I adopted ancient bricks which were from Macao and used large glass windows for creating different distances of the house.
Out of the building, I planted a large number of trees and dug a pond for creating relaxing atmosphere, and hoped people would come here for take a break in the busy city.
WID 輕建築‧室內設計事務所

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